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Land Purchase & Land development scheme



Land Purchase & Land Development Scheme


The aim of the schemes is to improve the land holding of Schedule Castes and to enhance their socio economic status in the state. The Government have issued orders for the exemption of 100% stamp duty for the registration of the land purchased under the scheme.


  The Applicant shall be a Scheduled Caste Women.

  The applicant should be in the age group of 18 -55.

  The annual family income of the applicant should not exceed Rs.1.00 lakh.

  The Applicant should not own any agricultural land.

  The occupation of the Applicant should be agriculture.

  Applicants and their family members should not have availed any subsidy so far.



  Applicants themselves should select the land to be purchased.

  The lands have to be purchased from the land owners who do not belong to Schedule Caste.

  The land purchased shall be registered only in the name of applicant.

  The land purchased shall not be sold out within twenty years.

  The applicant who has the land registered in their name can alone take up land development activities.

  The land development activities of digging of open well, bore well and electrification of pump sets shall be taken up as per the NABARD guidelines.

  The feasibility certificate shall be obtained from geologist in respect of digging of open well / bore well.

  The applicant and the family members should not have sold / transferred their lands to others in the last 5 years.




Assistance Provided up to 2010-2011 

No. of Beneficiaries

Total Assistance


Rs. 1888.19 Lakh